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Microcontroller Based Project on Automatic Bell System for Schools

We are living in the world of automation where all the activities are getting automated through the use of advanced programmable controllers in home automation and industrial automation systems. An automatic school timer system reduces the effort needed to turn on or off an electric bell manually that gives alarm for certain intervals of time based on school timings. This automatic system is a microcontroller based project that uses a simple basic microcontroller, which makes this product affordable.

Automatic Bell System for Institutions or Schools involves

Prior to working with this system we have to configure the real time and bell time values using a matrix keypad. The procedure for the configuration is given below: This system uses a power-supply block to drive all the circuit components, an 8051 microcontroller to control and manage bell timings, a real-time clock for accurate timing operation, a matrix keypad to enter and configure the bell timings and a seven-segment display to display the time and information. The operation of this system can be easily understood from the above block diagram, wherein the keypad entered timings are stored in the microcontroller, which are responsible for operating the bell based on the program of the microcontroller.

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