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Biometric Device

Definition - What does Biometric Device mean? Biometric devices measure biological elements (like human features) in order to perform functions, such as logging health/fitness data and authenticating users. There are many different uses for the technology and a variety of methods for its implementation. Types of biometric data include visual, audio, spatial and behavioral.

Techopedia Explains Biometric Device

Biometric technology continues to make significant contributions to human-computer interaction, including brain wave measurement and even bodily-embedded microchips. Voice and fingerprint recognition are also both common forms of biometric scanning. A voice recognition device must use an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to translate sound waves into digital data, which the device then processes to perform a certain function (such as speech transcription). Fingerprint recognition and other biometric authentication methods often compare and cross-reference input data with information stored in virtual or remote storage in order to validate its authenticity.

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