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Product : Online School ERP

Online School ERP

  • What you get ?

    Xcvate technology School Management ERP aims at easing administrative hassles and enhancing, efficiency and productivity. The Solution, is cloud based and supports various modern technologies such as – Online payment gateway, RFID smart cards, bio-metric, mobile apps, email alerts etc. School management software is agile and can be tailored according to the requirements of the institution.

    True breakthrough in advancement is achieved when administrative and managerial activities are automated. As schools have comprehensive subjects and complex exam pattern; the need to go digital is paramount. School ERP Software provides the following advantages :

The Main Categories are as Follows

Student Management

  • Go to Google Pre Admission Management
  • Student Admission Management
  • Student Details Management
  • Student Fee Management
  • Miscellaneous Charges Management
  • Student Attendance
  • Absent SMS
  • Birth Day Wishes
  • Gate Pass
  • Certification Generation
  • Transport Management
  • Online fee payment gateway

Staff Management

  • Applicant Management
  • Staff Addition / Removal
  • Staff Attendance (Manual or Biometric
    as per Requirement)
  • Staff Performance Note
  • Staff Qualification Management
  • Staff Documents Management
  • Staff Payroll Management
  • Birthday SMS to Staff
  • Anniversary SMS to Staff
  • Teacher’s Login for Academics

Transport Management

  • Vehicle Management
  • Route Management
  • Stop Management
  • Transport Fee Management
  • Vehicle Documents Validity Management and Reminders
  • Transport Details in Student APP with Driver / Conductor Contact Number
  • SMS to Transport Staff
  • Gate Pass Report mapping with vehicles.
  • Any time in between session Transport Add / Remove or Change Support
  • Attendance on Vehicle through Android APP

Exams Management

  • Customized Examinations Settings
  • Different Examinations Pattern as Required (Evaluation,CCE and New)
  • Examination Scheduling and Admit Card Printing
  • Empty Mark List Printing
  • Marks Entry as per Marks List
  • Empty Cross List Printing
  • Cross List Printing after Marks Entry
  • Extra Pre-Board Examinations Support
  • Extra Revision Test Support
  • Result Generation at any Level
  • Send Result Through SMS
  • Declare Result on Android APP
  • Different Format of Result Printing i.e. Portrait
    / Booklet Format

Academics Management

  • School Calendar Management
  • School Timing Management
  • Class Time Table Management
  • Class arrangement Management
  • Teacher’s Daily / Weekly Class Planner
    and Reviewer
  • Student Complaint and Achievement
  • Daily Homework Management
  • Class Test Management and Rankings
    based on Tests by Tests
  • Class Teacher Daily Observations on
    10 Points
  • Subject Teacher Daily Observations
    on 3 Points
  • Monthly Wall of Fame by Class
    Teacher for 10 Aspects

Communication Mgmt.

  • Send SMS through Web / Android APP
    (Hindi / English)
  • Send Notifications with Attachment through
    Web / Android APP
  • Send Circular with Attachment through Web / Android APP
  • Information can be Sent for All Classes / One Class
    / Selected Group of Classes
  • Even SMS Can be Sent to any Single Student
  • All Sent Information Saved to Student Cockpit
    for Future


Student Reports

  • Student Absent Report
  • Attendance Report Between Two Days
  • Student Photo Upload / Not Upload
  • Student Achievement / Complaint
  • Student Downgrade / Upgrade Report
  • Student Section Change Report
  • Student Remark Report
  • Vehicle Attendance Report


  • Current Strength Report
  • Current Admission Report
  • Current Student List
  • Current Admission List
  • Date wise Admission List
  • House wise Student List
  • Current Struck Off Student List
  • Student Document Submission Report
  • Student Certificate Issue Report


  • Fee Collection Report
  • Academic Fee Dues Report
  • Academic + Transport Fee Dues Report
  • School Fee Paid and Forecast Report
  • Student Payment Summary Report
  • Student Payment History Report
  • Cheque Bounce Report
  • Discount Given Report
  • Concession Given Report
  • Concession Allowed Report
  • Late Fee Collected Report
  • Admission Fee Collected Report
  • Cheque Bounce Fine Collected Report
  • Cancelled Receipt Report
  • Student wise Fee Late Deposit Report

Issuable Item Report

  • Item Issue Report
  • Item Issue Collection Report
  • Item Inward Report
  • Item Stock Report

Android Report

  • Student Registered with APP
  • Student Not Registered with APP
  • Student Query Answered Report
  • Student Query Not Answered Report
  • Student APP Password Report
  • View Parents Response

Transport Reports

  • Student Using Transport Report
  • Transport Fee Collection Report
  • Transport Fee Dues Report
  • Vehicle wise GatepassReport

Pre Admission Reports

  • All Enquiry List
  • List of Test Passed
  • List Test Failed
  • List of Absent in Test
  • List of Admitted
  • Date wise Enquiry List
  • Prospectus Sale Report

Other Reports

  • Sibling Report
  • Gatepass Report
  • Dispatch Register Report
  • Daily Expense Report
  • Vendor Report
  • Applicants Report

Special Features

  • Online Fee Payment Gateway
  • Photo Gallery on APP and Web
  • Consolidated Cheque Entries
  • Receipt Cancellation (with Authorization)
  • Student ID Card Generation
  • Staff ID Card Generation
  • Student Help Desk (Ticket System)
  • Inward / Outward Dispatch Management
  • Daily Expense Management with Voucher
  • Vendor Management with Grading and
    Remarks for Future Reference
  • Applicant Management with Grading /
    Remarks / Status like Selected
    / Rejected / Joined etc.
  • Issuable Items Management
  • Library Management Barcode Based with
    different reports
  • Staff work Approval Option
  • Certificate Generation
  • TC
  • Character Certificate
  • Bonafide Certificate
  • Fee Certificate
  • No Dues Certificate
  • Phone Number

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